Jebel Ali District Cooling facility, UAE

Project Highlights

  • Primary & Secondary CHW pumps and condenser water pump & piping network
  • Over 30 Kms of buried insulated chilled water piping with Leak Detection System
  • Over 60 Kms of Chilled Water Piping Network in a single project
  • Power distribution system including lighting system and emergency power services
  • 10 cooling towers and 5 air separators
  • 100,000 tons of refrigeration in a single project
  • 50 Chillers each with a capacity of 2000 TR
  • 12 transformers each with a capacity of 2500 KW
  • Site Stream Filtration System
  • Chemical and Acid Dosing Systems
  • 18m high Cooling Tower makeup water tank
  • SCADA systems, Fire Alarm and fire fighting system